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Here are answers about Divorce procedure

What are the costs associated with divorce?

You must pay a state fee/court fee; Power of attorney fee and legal service fee, which is determined by the agreement of the parties.

How to get a divorce?

You can get a divorce at the house of justice if both parties agree to the divorce, but if one of the parties refuses the divorce, in such a case it is necessary to apply to the court with a lawsuit.

Which court should I apply to?

The lawsuit should be filed in the district court where the other party (wife or husband) lives.

I don't want to communicate with my spouse, is it possible for a lawyer to sign behalf me?

If you do not want to communicate or meet with your spouse on this matter, yes, the lawyer is authorized to register the divorce at the House of Justice behalf you, based on your power of attorney and/or conduct the case in court without your involvement at all in these processes.

How can I consult with lawyer?

Interested persons can call the specified number and get a telephone consultation or meet a lawyer in person. Remember that communication between the client and the lawyer is completely confidential and secure between the parties.

What documents are required for divorce?

A copy of the marriage certificate. If you need a lawyer to protect you, you will definitely need a power of attorney, which will be prepared by a notary in any notary office.

I am not in Georgia and what should I do, I am not able to come in Georgia for Divorce?

It is not necessary to come to Georgia for divorce, especially when it is related to costs or other barriers, you can easily get a divorce with the help of a lawyer who will represent you in court or justice and act on your behalf.

How to make a power of attorney from a foreign country?

A power of attorney can be made by a notary in the local notary office of any country.After preparation, the power of attorney must be certified by an apostille or legalized.Then the power of attorney should be sent to Georgia as material

I am in Georgia, and the other party is in a foreign country, what should I do?

Sometimes the other party is abroad, it is not necessary to wait for him to arrive or whether he will arrive at all, to start a binding divorce case, it is enough to know his location (address), where he will be sent court documents and remotely participate in the consideration of the case, so this is not a difficulty.

How long does it take to complete a court case?

It depends on which court the proceedings will take place and which judge your case will be assigned to, because every case is individual and will be considered in sequence.

I don't know where the other party is at all, what should I do at such a time?

In such cases, we must file the claim at the last address known to you. During the proceedings, the court tries to find the other party and deliver the documents to him, by mail, with the help of the police or by other necessary measures.

When the other party is in another area, how do we behave?

For example, if you live in Tbilisi, and the other party (spouse) lives in Batumi or another city, the lawyer will file a lawsuit in the Batumi City Court and the case will be heard there. It is up to you whether you will attend the sessions or not, because your interests will be protected and represented by a lawyer.

Why do I need the help of a lawyer?

A lawyer helps you prepare legal documents and protects your interests, he has special knowledge and knows the rules of procedure, and with the help of a lawyer, you will avoid participating in a number of uncomfortable procedures (for example, you will not meet the other party)

How to cancel marriage with a citizen of a foreign country?

Divorce with a citizen of a foreign country is carried out following exactly the same rules that are necessary for a citizen of Georgia. The main thing is that the marriage is registered in Georgia.

Both parties are abroad and we both agree to divorce, how should we proceed?

If both parties agree, it is possible to register an application for divorce at the House of Justice through a lawyer, whom you can instruct remotely on the basis of a power of attorney to carry out this action.

Is it mandatory to obtain a divorce certificate?

After the divorce, the decision is sent and registered at the House of Justice, if you need a divorce certificate you can take it anytime, otherwise it is not mandatory to take it immediately.

I need a divorce certificate translated and apostille certified/legalized

If necessary, the lawyer will translate the divorce certificate after the end of the case and ensure its certification in accordance with the law. also makes apostille or legalization by international law.

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